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Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre

Handicrafts Centre is waiting to surprise you and offer you many new and fun experiences.

Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre in East-Viru County is a tourist centre that offers

  • a chance to get acquainted with the local woodcraft,
  • spend quality time in woodworking workshops and
  • taste or even prepare yourself a selection of Estonian traditional foods.
Rooms for Events

Avinurme is the most south-eastern parish of East Viru County. Due to location and nature conditions, Avinurme area has strong woodcraft and business traditions, which are based on knowledge passed on generatoin to generation.

The main products have always been wooden vessels – different household items such as barrels, tubs, casks, wooden buckets, sauna wash tubes, wooden roof chips and furniture, particularly chairs.