Group menus

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Group menus in 2018. Food with content – Wood with form

Group menu is available for groups of 10 people or more. Group menu price includes coffee/tea, flavoured water and home-made bread.

MENU NO. 1 / PRICE €7. NOTE! Favourite of the visitors of the Wooden Handicrafts Centre! A selection of local foods.
Piggin soup (meat soup with vegetables)

Fresh bread made on the spot (ham, rye, coriander, seeds), flavoured butter (garlic, herbs, egg)
Dessert  from selection.

MENU NO. 2 / €7
Meat loaf “Kalevipoeg“, potatoes, salad, sauce
Dessert from selection

Chicken rolls with paprika and carrot, rice or potatoes, salad, sauce, homemade bread.

Dessert  from selection

MENU NO 4/ 8 €. NB! A favourite of the visitors to the Wooden Handicrafts Centre! Tasting local food.
Barrel soup (Solyanka)

Fresh breads made on the spot (with ham, rye, coriander, and seeds), flavoured butters (garlic, herbs, egg),
Dessert  from selection

MENU NO. 5 / €9. Fisherman chef’s special

Golden pike perch roast (fish from the Peipus if possible), fresh salad, potatoes
Dessert  from selection

MENU NO. 6 / €9 Master’s bee special
Honeyed birdie (chicken fillet in honey sauce, cowberries from Alutaguse forests), herb potatoes, fresh salad
Dessert  from selection

MENU NO. 7 / €9 Bookkeeper’s special
Pork roast, potatoes, fried sauerkraut, warm sauce
Dessert  from selection

Dessert selection:

  1. House cake with berries
  2. Kama foam with toasted homemade bread and berries (curd foam, kama, wild berry jam)


*Kama is an Estonian toasted grain product containing wheat, barley, rye and a legume. Kama cream is a whipped dessert containing kama.