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Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre offers everyone the opportunity to test their dexterity in the many different workshops offered. As a filling lunch is part of the package, you can spend a nice day with us, full of emotions and positive surprises.

The package includes:

  • entertainment
  • two workshops: basket weaving and chipwood decorations
  • lunch (soup, homemade bread with different herb butters, sweet pastry, coffee, tea, naturally flavoured water)

Group size: up to 60 people
Price: 25.-


Birthday party

Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre is a great place to host a memorable birthday party in a nice and cosy folk atmosphere. We take care of the catering and, if necessary, help to find a host and musicians.

The package includes:

  • party hall rent (5 hours), including service and the use of equipment
    champagne table
  • dinner:
    • main course (pork, gravy, potatoes, sauerkraut or fresh salad)
    • cold buffet (three different salads; plate of fish, meat and chicken; snacks)
    • coffee (cake, coffee,tea)
    • drinks (naturally flavoured water, fruit drink)

Group size: up to 70 people
Price: 20.-

For additional fee, alcoholic beverages, band, host or a workshop can be added to the package.


Children’s birthday party

Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre offers a great environment as well as fun activities for a child’s birthday party. We will set a party table according to your wishes and organise an exciting woodcraft workshop for the children. Following our instructor’s guidelines, children will learn to make original jewellery or toys. If the children wish, wood-burning can be used to decorate the jewellery or toys with patterns or initials.

The package includes:

  • room rent (3 hours)
  • jewellery- or toy-making workshop under our instructor’s supervision
  • catering: vegetables and dip, pasta or potato salad, “smiling” sausages, fries, bread, fruit juice, cake

Group size: 5-30 people
Age group: 7-year-olds and older
Price: 12.-

For additional fee, a host (30.-) can be added to the package or a milkshake (1.50) to the menu.