Avinurme Barrel Fair

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23.06.2019 the 20th time!

Avinurme’s  wooden products have traditionally been traded on fairs and in order to revive this tradition and to acknowledge Avinurme as the center of Estonian woodcraft,  since the year 2000 each summer for the St. John’s day the traditional barrel fair takes place.


By today, Avinurme’s barrel fair has grown to one of the largest and most visited events in Estonia where handicraft is being traded. Along with the local craftsmen, the works of the best professionals across the country are offered.

At the time of the fair, Avinurme hosts thousands of guests, who come to see and experience a rich selection of handicraft items,  buy tree and bush transplants, flowers and enjoy a day-long cultural program. Traditionally,  as evening approaches, a local theatre group performs a play, a bonfire is lightened, as Estonians celebrate the eve of the Summer Solstice (June 23) with bonfires,  and people gather to sing and dance together.

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