Baking home made bread Workshop

Baking home made bread Workshop 2015-09-01T14:04:43+00:00

Duration: 2 hrs
Group: 5 -25 people
Price: 12 € per person






In the Bread Room one can make their first attempts in baking homemade bread. The Wood Shop’s breadmaster will guide you through the process of the perfect bread dough, and show you all the good ingredients and the secret components to a well risen dough and delicious taste. In the end of the workshop the Bread Room is full of irritatingly good bread baking fragrance. And of course no one is leaving without tasting the outcome of this exciting workshop and you can also take the leaven to go, to keep up the new learned skill of breadmaking. And if later there’s a need for a bread basket, Avinurme Wood-Shop can offer exactly what you need.