Train Museum

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Sonda-Mustvee narrow-gage railway passed through Avinurme in 1926 until 1972, which supported the trading in this area. It was mostly for wooden vessels and log transportation. This was the 50 years of blossoming time for the villages near the railroad. Today, 1 km from this old railroad and a bridge were reconstructed. The old locomotive, wagons for the café and animals and the platform were also renovated.

All interested are very welcome to take a nostalgic train ride from May to October, meaning the railroad is open during the warm season when the locomotive’s door will come open, and closes as the door freezes shut again. At your service is the train conductor Eero Strauss.

Ticket price 5 €

Information and reservations:
Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre
(+ 372) 339 7410
(+ 372) 527 5762